What is Millennial Hunter?

Millennial Hunter - 2017 late season archery

Many people think the millennial generation is a bunch of punks who are lazy, impatient, entitled, and demanding. Many people also think that hunters are uneducated, buck-toothed, rednecks, who have no concern for wildlife. Well as a millennial and as a hunter, I want to get rid of these stereotypes.

The Millennial Hunter Podcast is a platform which focuses on everyday, normal millennials and hunters who don’t fall under society’s biased views. Millennial Hunter is an idea of building a community for those who believe in working hard and pushing towards one’s goals. This podcast covers topics on everything hunting, and also delves into the lives of numerous millennial-age men and women who break the Generation Y mold. Millennial Hunter is a place for hunters and non-hunters, millennials and non-millennials to come together, settle differences, find common ground, and build lasting relationships.

The Host – Colby Skinner

Archery practice

Colby is a 26-year-old college student who is passionate about hunting and the outdoors. He grew up in small town in northern Utah and was raised to work hard and respect others. Apart from being an avid outdoorsman, Colby is also an avid sports fan and will take any opportunity get on the field or court. He always looks for ways to become a better hunter, and that’s not just in the wild. Colby believes that hunting is a lifestyle; whether it be hunting a mule deer in the Rockies or hunting for knowledge in a library, it’s all hunting for something greater. Though hunting is a huge part of his life, the thing that brings him the most joy is spending time with his wonderful wife who occasionally accompanies him out on the mountain.

Co-host – Ashton Edwards

Kansas whitetail deer named Cutter

Ashton is one of the most down-to-earth, charismatic people you’ll ever meet. Ashton actually grew up in the same small town as Colby. The two knew each other but they didn’t become close friends until later in life when they both became fascinated with the outdoors and hunting. Ashton has recently earned his Master of Accountancy (MAcc) and is a senior account manager for a tech firm in Boise, ID. The only thing Ashton loves more than the outdoors is his wife and his two kids.