King’s Camo XKG Ridge Pant Review

XKG Ridge Pants in action

I’m usually not one to buy expensive things. This is especially true when it comes to my clothing choices. Regardless of all that, I do enjoy to window shop as much as the next person. Not too long ago I mentioned to my wife that King’s Camo had some top-of-line pants that, if I had money, I would be very tempted to buy. I had heard good things about these XKG Ridge Pants and I wanted to try them for myself. On my birthday, my wonderful wife surprised me by getting me the XKG Ridge Pant. I was so excited! But at the same time I was wondering if these pants were worthy of all the hype. Long story short, they were!

The XKG Ridge Pant comes in five options: Realtree Edge camo, Desert Shadow camo, Mountain Shadow camo, dark khaki, and charcoal. I knew that if I got any of the camo patterns, I would only wear them a handful of times (I’m not one to sport my hunting gear to school or work). I mentioned this to my wife when I first showed her the pants and thankfully she remembered. She ended up buying me the charcoal color, I suppose because dark colored pants can be worn for a variety of occasions. Sure enough, they can be! I’ve worn these pants to school, to work, to church, on camping trips, and obviously when I’m out hunting. For real, these pants can be used for almost any event! But his is just the first reason for why these pants are great.

These pants are tough as nails, yet they’re extremely comfortable to wear. I’ve been wearing them for months and they look as good as they day I got them. No rips, no tears, no blood stains even. The Ridge Pant has a blood resistant finish which makes doing the laundry after a successful hunt that much easier. They are also made out of four-way stretch polyester which makes for easy mobility. The XKG Ridge Pants also weigh a mere 18.7 oz. That’s barely more than 1 pound! If you’re looking for lightweight, durable pants, the XKG Ridge Pants fit the bill.

The one thing that makes purchasing these pants a tough decision is the price. King’s Camo is currently selling them at $109.99. That’s a good amount of dough, especially for a college student like me. But, compare that price to other brands like Sitka, Kuiu, or First Lite. Price wise, the XKG Ridge Pant is by far the most affordable of that list. When you factor in the quality and the wide variety of uses, along with its competitive price, these pants are a must. I would suggest doing what I did though… Get the dark khaki or charcoal color. This way you can use them all the time and get every penny’s worth. You can find these pants on King’s Camo’s website, or on Amazon, or at participating dealers. If you are close to Lindon, Utah you can also get the XKG Ridge Pant and all your King’s Camo gear at the King’s Camo Headquarters and Outlet. You won’t regret your purchase, I promise.

Need to know more? Check out the XKG Ridge Pant video King’s put out on their YouTube page.

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