Buffalo Hunting, Approach Camo, and Giving Hunters an Edge – Blake VanTussenbrook

Archery buffalo hunting in Approach Camo

The American Buffalo is one of the most iconic and majestic creatures found in North America. Very few get the opportunity to hunt such an amazing animal. Blake VanTussenbrook was one of those lucky few.

In this episode of the Millennial Hunter Podcast, Blake tells us what it was like to hunt buffalo and do so with a bow in hand. Blake also talks about hunting abroad, learning life lessons through hunting, and Badlands where Blake is currently working as their marketing director.

Blake and I discuss camo patterns and all that has gone in to creating Badlands’ signature camo, Approach, and the newly released Approach FX. In the past, I’ve been known to say that camo isn’t that important when it comes to hunting gear. However, after talking with Blake, I realized that it plays a bigger role than I previously thought. The testing and field study that went into the Approach pattern was incredible and much more extensive than I would have guessed. As you listen to the podcast, ask yourself if your camo is “giving you the edge”, as Blake puts it. I, for one, need as much of an edge as I can get.

If you would like to see Blake’s buffalo hunt you can watch it here… The Bison: A Bowhunting Adventure

To check out Badlands gear, go here… Badlands Website

Or if you’re looking specifically for the Badlands Approach camo you can go here… Approach Apparel

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