Lessons Every Hunter Needs to Learn

There are key, fundamental lessons every hunter needs to learn. Every time you go out hunting, you probably learn something new. If you’re not learning something new, you’ll never become a better hunter. I once had a basketball coach that said, “The only way we can lose is if we don’t learn from our mistakes.” With the way my archery season ended, there was plenty for me to learn on how to hunt western big game.

In this episode of Millennial Hunter we talk about just a few very important lessons that both Ashton and I have learned in our recent hunting adventures. We focus on three main lessons that we felt were most important, however, there are obviously many more than just three lessons to learn from hunting.

We want to hear from you about your key lessons you have learned while out in the field. Please, send in your big lessons that you have learned while hunting. This can range from anything from hunt preparation to how you properly learned to butcher an animal. Anything! Send in your answers through email (millennialhunter@gmail.com) or through direct messaging on Instagram or Facebook. We hope you enjoy the podcast!

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