I Live For This – Justin Finch

Finch Outdoors - I live for this

Hunting High Country Mule Deer, Learning From Your Mistakes, and Stepping Up Your Game As a Hunter

There’s high country mule deer hunting and then there’s Justin Finch high country mule deer hunting. Justin hunts so high up that the only company he has on his hunts is a pack of mountain goats. Justin is an absolute mule deer slayer. Doesn’t matter the season, doesn’t matter the state, he finds and kills big mule deer. Justin runs a YouTube channel that shows his many adventures, and in my humble opinion, they’re some of the best hunting films I’ve seen.

In this episode of Millennial Hunter, Justin drops some heavy knowledge on how to hunt giant mule deer. We also dive into the story of Justin’s long-time pursuit of the buck called “Mammoth”. Many of you have maybe seen how this story plays out in Justin’s video from his 2015 season, but you haven’t heard how the story ends. Justin gives out all the details during this podcast. By every definition, Justin is the ultimate Millennial Hunter. I guarantee you’ll learn several new tips and tactics in this episode.

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