Getting Hyped for the Hunts

Getting hyped for the hunts

Every hunter loves to talk about their upcoming hunts. They love to dream about the exact meadow that they’re going to see their mule deer of a lifetime. They talk about their hunting tactics and what they’re going to do to make sure they fill their tag on a nice, mature animal. They love talking about it just for the sake of getting themselves more hyped up for their hunts! Ashton and I are no different. We both have several hunting opportunities coming up in a few months that really put us on the edge of our seat. We can’t wait for hunting season to get hear!

In this episode of Millennial Hunter, we discuss our upcoming hunts and what we’re looking forward to most this fall and how we’re getting ready for hunting season. We also talk about the hunting industry and about our skepticism of working in the hunting industry. We touch on obtaining hunting permission from family members to hunt their land and even some personal dilemmas that I have with that very topic. And, as always, we have a slew of great hunting stories.

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