Should Wolves Be Hunted?

Should wolves be hunted?

This seems to be a pretty heated debate in today’s world. Should wolves be hunted? We humans were the ones who re-introduced gray wolves into Yellowstone National Park over 20 years ago. Now their numbers have grown immensely, so much so that they are no more on the endangered species or even threatened lists.

Now that the wolf numbers are stable (and on the rise), we are seeing the wolves begin to turn to farmers’ livestock for food. Many are wanting to kill the wolves in order to protect their livestock. Others argue against this by saying it is not right to kill them. What’s the best way to control this wolves, if at all?

I wrote a paper for one of my college courses regarding this topic. In this podcast I offer a few solutions to this problem through the eyes of several different philosophers and scholars, including the great Aristotle and the genius conservationist, Aldo Leopold.

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