BONETATS Skull Engraving

BONETATS skull engraving art

What do you get when you combine all things hunting, with the graphic designs of YOUR interests engraved permanently into your hard earned trophy? BONETATS!

Jeff Peterson has been doing custom skull engravings for several years. He is a gifted artist and an avid hunter. BONETATS is his creative way of combining both of these passions into one. If you have a euro mount sitting around somewhere in your house, contact Jeff and give that thing a face-lift! Jeff’s designs and artistry will make that regular euro mount look like a true piece of art. Remember, a picture is worth a thousand words.

In this episode of Millennial Hunter, Jeff and I talk about how BONETATS got started, how it’s rapidly growing, the many mounts that Jeff has done, social media and the hunting industry, hunting passions, and of course I ask Jeff what his definition of hunting is.

BONETATS Instagram

Bonetats mule deer
This is a mule deer BONETATS mount that Jeff did for himself.
Bonetats: trashy whitetail deer
This is Jeff’s next big project. This whitetail is HUGE!
Bonetats shed antler
Jeff’s shed engraving customized for his family

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