What Is Your Dream Hunt?

What is your dream hunt?

It doesn’t matter who you are, you have some kind of dream hunt or hunt of a lifetime that you would do anything to go on. For some, it’s hunting Yukon Moose in Canada. Maybe you want to go on an international hunt that takes you to a new culture and new terrain that you’ve never seen before. Perhaps your dream hunt is just a normal, general season mule deer hunt with your dad and this is your dream not because mule deer is a hard tag to get, but because you’ve never experienced a hunt with your dad and being with him is what makes it so amazing. So what is your hunt of a lifetime?

In this episode of Millennial Hunter, Ashton and I talk about our own hunting dreams and hopeful once-in-a-lifetime hunts. We talk about why it’s a good thing to dream big and hope for these hunt opportunities because really you never know what good fortune you might come across. We also dive deep into the fact that these once-in-a-lifetime hunts wouldn’t happen without the successes of wildlife conservation. Conservation is part of our responsibility as human beings. We need to take care of these animals.

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