Outdoor Threads Box

Outdoor Threads Box Podcast

Outdoor Threads Box is a brand new subscription box club that ships street apparel from the best outdoor/hunting companies right to your door every month. Outdoor Threads Box is partnered with some elite hunting companies as well with some awesome company’s that you may not know about yet. All hunters out there have their camo gear ready for whatever hunting opportunity that may arise, and finding good camo gear isn’t that hard. However finding good hunting and outdoor casual wear is much more taxing and difficult especially when you realize that a lot of this hunting street-wear has a pretty high price tag. Outdoor Threads Box solves that problem for you.

In this episode of Millennial Hunter we talk about how Outdoor Threads Box came to be and we get the inside story on how founder, Sawyer Peacock, came up with the idea and how he turned his vision into reality. Subscription boxes are blowing up all over in the retail market, and Sawyer made sure to be the first to bring a hunting and clothing line subscription box to the outdoor community. Towards the latter end of this episode we talk about what it takes to successfully start a company. We talk about how to go for it all and leave no doubt, how to work and strive even though you’re not entirely sure what you’re doing, and how hard work and grit are essential in the survival of your business. Enjoy the episode!

Outdoor Threads Box:


  • Use coupon code “firstbox10” for 10% off your order


  • Be sure to put in for the giveaways that Outdoor Threads Box is hosting


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