Be a Beast in the Gym to Become THE Beast on the Mountain – Taylor Murdock

Murdcountry podcast

Depending on the person, your fitness level might be either an advantage or a hindrance to you when out hunting. Many of you (if you’re like me) are not exactly where you would like to be health-wise.  Now I’m not saying that any of us are pathetic, overweight chumps who should be living in a van down by the river. I’m just pointing out that our current physical state may not be exactly where we want it to be. HOWEVER, that does not mean that we are stuck where we are.

In this episode of the MH Podcast I sit down with Taylor Murdock (@murdcountry). When you think of your fitness goal, you probably imagine someone like Taylor; a lean, mean, hunting machine. Taylor spends on average 6 days a week in the gym preparing himself for his next hunt or in some cases his next triathlon. The guy is a savage in the gym! Taylor had 3 different mule deer tags this year and he filled all three! In this episode you will get to know how Taylor physically prepares for his hunts along with some gnarly stories from this past season. We also talk about things like bird dogs, hunting with dieting, and hunting with family. It was awesome talking to Taylor and I hope that we’ll get him back on the podcast real soon.

Instagram: @murdcountry

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