How to Effectively Budget Your Money – Dr. Jeff Dew

How to effectively budget your money

What’s up everyone!? I hope those of you who have been listening to the Millennial Hunter Podcast have enjoyed the first few episodes. I’ve received tons of support from so many of you and you have no idea how excited it makes me to hear such positive feedback. Thank you so much!

So I’m going to give everyone a fair heads up… This podcast is a little different from what the previous episodes have been covering. In this episode of Millennial Hunter we’re going to talk about money, and specifically how to save and spend money. No matter who you are, you surely deal with money on a daily basis, but how many of you are actually budgeting your money? Or how many of you are putting money into a savings account every paycheck? Dr. Jeff Dew is an expert on finances and family life. Dr. Dew and I discuss several money saving strategies and budgeting tips that might just help you and your family (or anyone else who depends on you financially). This is a topic that I believe not many people understand well enough. I for one definitely didn’t understand it like I should have before getting to know Dr. Dew. I hope that after listening to this podcast, you can learn a little about how to budget your money and how to make the most out of what you have. Hope you all enjoy this episode!

How and Why to Use a Zero-Sum Budget

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