Being a True Hunting Ambassador – Ashton Edwards

Being a true hunting ambassador

Today’s episode is one that I’ve been looking forward to doing for a long time. Ashton Edwards is one of the most stand-up guys I know. Apart from being a husband, father, grad student and developing businessman, he also is a self-taught, DIY solo hunter that knows how to get it done out in the field. In this podcast Ashton tells us the story of how he harvested a sweet buck and the adventures that went along with the hunt which included an accident that ended up landing Ashton in the ER. But that didn’t stop him from finishing what he started and he still managed to punch his tag and fill his freezer for his family. If any of you listening are wanting to get into DIY/solo hunting then Ashton is the guy you need to look to. From scouting the field to harvesting the meat to even doing the skull mount, Ashton covers it all in this podcast. In the second half of this podcast we also discuss some different aspects of hunting that we as hunters sometimes forget to think about, especially when we’re dealing with anti-hunters. I feel that we as hunters all need to take upon ourselves the responsibility to be strong ambassadors for the sport, showing those around us that we respect the animals we harvest and also that we show the world all the numerous benefits of hunting. Ashton is a prime example of a true hunting ambassador and I hope that you can learn from him and find ways to better yourself as a hunter and as a person.

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