New Year, New Meat

Well 2017 came and went real fast. It’s now a new year and the whole world is coming up with a full list of New Year’s resolutions which generally include goals to lose weight / get fit, read more books, get organized, keep a tighter budget, drink less, quit smoking, travel more, and so on.  All of these resolutions are great and kudos to everyone who actually keeps their resolutions.  But for most of America, these goals tend to fall as quickly as they were made.  I saw one news story that said 80% of New Year’s resolutions don’t even last til February. ¹  Sometimes I make my New Year’s resolutions just because I’d personally feel like a lazy schmuck if I didn’t at least have a couple of them.  This at least delays my guilt trip until maybe mid-January when I completely fail at keeping my New Year goals.  There’s the over-used tagline “New year, new me.”  Well this year instead of having the generic New Year’s resolutions that everyone makes and then later breaks within a few weeks I have a more simplistic goal, one that most outdoorsmen plan to do year in and year out.  My goal is to be successful in all of my planned hunts this year which translates to filling the freezer for me and my family.  To reach this goal I am planning to hunt, and hunt, and then hunt some more. So instead of saying “New year, new me” I’m thinking “New year, new MEAT.”

To explain more why this is my grand New Year’s resolution, I need to confess something.  This last year of hunting I harvested zero animals… That’s right, ZERO.  Granted, the only tag I went for was the Utah General Archery Elk and it was my first year hunting with a bow.  I learned a lot and had so many cool experiences, but sadly I was unable to fill my tag.  I was a little disappointed that I didn’t tag out, but I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything.  And really, hunting is so much more than filling your tag or putting down the biggest bull on the mountain.  However, tag soup isn’t exactly my favorite dish and I refuse to accept it two years in a row.  With the knowledge that I gained from this past hunting season and with additional learning and time in the field in these coming months, I plan to fill the freezer this fall.

I do not get paid to hunt as some few lucky individuals do.  I still have a normal, everyday job like most everyone else.  Like many other millennial hunters, I’m also going to school full-time too. So one of the hardest challenges that faces me is finding the time to get out and hunt.  This requires plenty of planning and careful preparation months before the actual hunt takes place.  I am currently planning on doing three big game hunts this year:

  1. Utah General Archery Elk
  2. Utah General Archery Deer
  3. Wyoming Rifle Doe Antelope

What’s hard is the Utah General Archery season for deer and elk overlap each other.  This makes filling both tags a tough feat. Luckily, I live near the Wasatch Front which is open for the extended archery season all the way into December.  The Wyoming antelope hunt will be between September and October.  Along with my otherwise full schedule of job, school, and family life, I feel that I’ll be able to make time for these three hunts.

I’m sure that I am not the only sportsman out there that has the goal to hunt more and be successful in my hunts.  I feel that I will be successful in my hunts this year and really, no hunter plans to fail.  Positive thinking is crucial for any hunt and the failure to have a positive attitude before and during the hunt can greatly effect your success odds.  So to all of you hunters out there with big dreams and high hopes… Let’s get it done this year!

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