The Millennial Hunter Podcast

I am proud to announce that the Millennial Hunter Podcast has officially launched! It’s been a long time coming, and it’s been rough finding time and getting everything put together. At times it seemed like this would never get off the ground. It took a lot of late nights and a several sacrifices to get to this point. Though it has been hard, I’ve loved every step of the way. I’ve wanted to do an outdoors and hunting podcast for months now, and to see it finally get up and going is such an accomplishing feeling. I feel so grateful to have had so much support from friends and family as I’ve worked to get the MH Podcast going. My girlfriend, especially, has been so amazing and supportive through this whole process. Yesterday we were at a restaurant waiting for our food when I checked my unread emails from the day. One of the emails was from the iTunes Store and it read simply, “Dear podcast owner, Your podcast, (the Millennial Hunter Podcast), has been approved.” We were both so excited, and I think she was more excited than I was. We celebrated in the most college way possible: we ate cheap pizza, had Oreos for dessert, and then watched a movie on Netflix.

Now that the MH Podcast has officially launched, there’s nowhere to go but up. I have high hopes for the podcast and I’m excited to see what it’s like to work my way into the hunting industry. All the potential success is based on the listeners and their response to how they like the Millennial Hunter. If you are one of those listeners (and if you’re not, I hope you soon will be), please leave a review on iTunes with comments on what you like/dislike about the podcast. Your feedback is crucial to bettering the MH Podcast. If you don’t have an iTunes account, send me a message on Instagram or you can send in a comment on the website (link). If you haven’t yet, go follow @millennialhunter on Instagram and Facebook to stay up to date on news and future podcast episodes. Thank you to all who have shown so much support for this project!

Millennial Hunter Podcast on iTunes

Millennial Hunter Podcast on Website

Millennial Hunter Facebook

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