Hunters Make the Best People – Sawyer Peacock

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In this episode of Millennial Hunter I sit down with the one and only Sawyer Peacock. Many of you probably know of Sawyer through his work as an outdoor photographer, or through his Sheds for Santa project, or maybe just through his social media pages. Whatever Sawyer does, he excels at it. He’s a man of many hats and is an amazing guy who treats you right no matter who you are. In this episode we talk about Sawyer’s rare opportunity to go on his dream hunt of a lifetime and how amazing his experience was with that. We also talk a little bit about being part of the hunting industry and how some of the best people are hunters. Towards the end of the podcast we talk a bit about Sawyer’s Sheds For Santa project, which by the way is an incredible idea and I strongly suggest looking up the Sheds For Santa website to find a way to get involved. Sawyer even leaks out what his next big adventure is, and it’s one that may surprise you. This podcast was tons of fun to make! Hope you all enjoy it as much as I did. So without further ado, let’s get started!

Sheds for Santa website

Instagram: @sawyerted

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